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Design Clinic

Welcome to our web site, we hope you enjoy your visit. Design Clinic was formed in 1990 by Seamus Moran and Richard House both of whom had worked for several years in the ceramics industry specialising in modeling and mould-making. Whilst undertaking commissioned work for customers in the ceramics and resin casting industries, it was soon decided to develop a range of original products and the technique of "cold-casting" using powdered metals and resin was a logical and flexible choice.

Design Clinic has built up a range of unusual and innovative gift ware - from plates and clocks to bookends and trinket boxes, from purely decorative to beautifully practical - which has become the mainstay of the business and now supplies a growing number of customers domestically and internationally.

 As the designer and sculptor of the vast majority of the range, Seamus draws his influences from a variety different sources. He has held a long term fascination with Celtic art and enjoys developing traditional images with his own ideas of shape and function. Highly detailed intricate decorations wrap themselves around forms reminiscent of armour and ancient eastern architecture. Tactile carved boxes surprise and delight with secret compartments. Handsome mantelpiece clocks, looking for all the world like some kind of celtic jukeboxes, will become the family heirlooms of the future. Their innate treasurabiliy makes this range perfect gifts for any occasion.

 Being the owner of a 1957 Oldsmobile is bound to have some influence on the direction of Seamus' designs, so it's not surprising to see American car styling in a lot of his work (even some of the Celtic range have a distinctive Detroit element to them) The Styliner retrobilia range brings together clean modern design with classic fifties lines and colours."I imagine being inside the head of a fifties car stylist, but not designing cars..." as Seamus puts it. The results are truly unique, looking as at home in a slick modern setting as they do in a period kitsch environment. A particular favourite is the Tooth grill hook system, which makes a stunning feature and can be tailored to fit any space.

Seamus in his workshopSeamus' studio

Skulls have always featured heavily in human art and culture and also in the Design Clinic catalogue. Our skulls are all based on a real human skull from which we took a mould years ago (it still sits next to Seamus' desk!)  so they are all anatomically accurate and make for a unified look as a collection. They are so good that they have are used by the BBC props department, appearing on Ray Mears world of survival and the title sequence for the Greatest Briton series of 2004 amongst others. They have also been used in films and even artists installations! Design Clinic offers the best range of skulls available anywhere,it's a simple as that. They range from the subtlety stylised and crystal clear, to the heavily decorated and metallic. We even offer a highly polished nickel-plated skull these days and are adding to our prestigious collection all the time (look out for the tribal surf version later this year).

Tribal skull being carved 1 Tribal skull being carved 2

Our Sci-fi and fantasy collection ranges from New age to Space age. From the peaceful serenity of our range of wizard figurines and bookends to bizarre industrial / bio mechanical clocks with with a cinematic feel to them.

We concentrate on the craftsmanship of our originals and prototypes in order to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality. We also operate a smaller scale production facility at our premises for bespoke work for other artists and making to order some of the more quirky elements of our range. We offer a mould-making and bespoke production service for sculptors.

As well as supplying to trade we have been operating a mail-order service from this web site for many years and have customers all over the world. As you can see on the contents page, we have divided the products into the four main ranges for ease of access, but you can also go straight to the full catalogue if you wish. We hope you will want to browse through our products and start a collection of your own.

Thanks for visiting Design Clinic.


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