Aztec Skull

The Aztec Skull is a recent addition to our Skulture range . The motifs are taken from Central American iconography and the cranial images illustrate the story of Coyolxauhqui (She with bells on her cheeks) Moon Goddess, daughter of Coatlicue and the ruler of the Centzon Huitznahuas , the star gods. A sad tale as she is slain and dismembered by her new born son with her head being thrown into the sky to become the moon. The facial decoration represents what is believed to be the image of the God Tezcatlipoca another of the Aztec Creator Gods. He was also the god of rulers, warriors and sorcerers. His name, which is Nahuatl for "Smoking Mirror", alluded to his connection to obsidian, the material from which mirrors where made in Mesoamerica and which was used for shamanistic rituals. The turquoise tiling is very significant in Aztec culture and appeared on most sacred artworks, it is said to have had a very high spiritual value and was used to represent the nature of sky. The Skull has been re-created authentically from the actual skull and mask of Tezcatlipoca and displays the 'filled in eye sockets' which originally were two discs of iron pyrites set in rings made of shell. The painted version of this product is available elsewhere in this section.

Cold cast resin in an obsidian style finish with painted detail. £38.28 (£ 45.93 inc 20% VAT)
20cm x 16cm 12cm

Pre-production edition of 50 in an obsisian style finish,

Each individually numbered.
Cold cast resin with a silver finish.
19cm x 12cm x 15cm