Evolutionary Spiral

The Evolutionary spiral traces the path from the single cell through all the major physiological changes to homo sapiens- from the root to one of many twigs on the tree of life. In its hundreds of million years history the tree has been pruned indiscriminately by natural selection, extinctions and massive environmental upheavals. Major boughs have been removed taking countless branches and twigs with them and leaving insignificant twigs to flourish and take their place. Far more has been removed than remains today.

In designing the spiral, I have not tried to represent actual animal species, but to show the changes in morphology and metabolism which occurred between single celled forms and our own species. As we reach toward the future, we should respect our evolutionary heritage and our kinship with the other life forms with whom we share this planet.

Seamus Moran 2006.

The Evolutionary Spiral is a limited edition of 250 pieces, to date 170 have been purchased. The piece is made to order and therefore delivery will take a few days extra. The piece is approximately 61cm in height when on its rotating base and comes in a polished bronze finish.

£421.28 (£505.54 inc 20% VAT)